I’ve had unprotected sex – what should I do?

1. Pregnancy....

If you've had unprotected sex it's really important to get advice about emergency contraception (morning after pill) to help prevent an unplanned pregnancy. Emergency contraceptive pills can be taken up to 72 hours after sex, but the sooner the better.

Emergency contraception is free from GPs, Brook, Abacus, GUM, Student Health and a few local chemists (see Emergency Contraception). Most chemists also sell it 'over the counter' for about £25.

You can also have an IUD (coil) fitted up to 5 days after unprotected sex. They are (almost) 100% effective. See Emergency Contraception for more information.


2. STIs......

Unprotected sex also puts you at risk of picking up a sexually transmitted infection (STI). As some STIs don't show any symptoms it's best to go for a check-up at your local clinic. See STIs to find out where to go in Liverpool.

Unprotected Sex and risk....

Unprotected sex means sex without a condom - the risk is that you could catch or pass on an STI. No sex is 100% risk free. The only way to guarantee absolutely no risk is not to have sex!

If you’ve had unprotected sex with a new person then It’s important to get tested for STIs as often you can’t tell if someone has an infection. If you get tested early – it’s usually possible to treat an STI before complications develop.

If you’re in a stable, committed relationship and you’re sure neither you nor your partner are having sex with other people, then both of you can get tested for STIs. If all the results for both of you are negative then you might be able to have unprotected sex. But always get advice from your doctor or one of the sexual health services on this site.

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