An abortion is the medical process of ending a pregnancy so it does not result in the birth of a baby.

There are many different reasons why women decide to have an abortion including personal circumstances or health risks to the mother or baby.

Having an abortion can be a difficult choice to make and it can be an emotional time. Talking things through and making sure you have accurate information will help. You can do this through the services below:

NHS Abortion

In Liverpool you can be referred for an NHS abortion. It is carried out at either Liverpool Women’s Hospital or bpas. This is free of charge.

You can find counselling and a referral for NHS abortion at your GP, Abacus or Brook (under 25s only).

Private Abortion

If you want to go privately and pay – you can contact bpas directly on 08457 30 40 30 or visit www.bpas.org.

Further information....

Abortion is legal in England up to 24 weeks but requires permission from 2 doctors. Whichever service you choose for your referral – they will arrange both doctors.

In Liverpool you can have a medical abortion if you have been pregnant for up to 9 weeks (you will be given pills to swallow). For over 9 weeks you will have a surgical abortion. Please note – abortions over 20 weeks cannot be done in Liverpool – you will be referred to a specially equipped clinic in another city.

The bpas website has more information about abortions and what they involve.

You can request that your GP is not informed.